7 Cute up Dos for Shoulder Length Hair ...

Up dos for shoulder length hair can be sexy, glamorous, chic and elaborate just as much as the ones ideal for long hair!

I know it sometimes seems that having shorter hair means you’re stuck with a boring hairstyle and must dismiss every cute hairstyle idea you come across but, believe me, that couldn’t be further away from the truth!

And here are a few amazing tutorials on hairstyles for medium length hair to prove it:

1. Glam Braided up do for Shoulder Length Hair

First on my list of amazing up dos for shoulder length hair is, as the video title clearly states, a celebrity inspired look!

And, oh, don’t we love celebrity hairstyles?

Sure we do!

And this one, for a change, will be much easier to do in case your hair is of medium length as there won’t be as much rolling and pinning to do.

Check it out because, given how popular braided styles are, you’re definitely going to need it pretty soon!