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Curly Hair is a blessing, a gorgeous decoration you didn’t have to buy and probably one of the things girls around you envy you on. Yes, I know – it tends to get all frizzy and messy, it has a mind of its own but, believe me, styling curly hair doesn’t have to be all pain and no fun! Yes, I really mean it and here are a few awesome, yet easy to do curly hairstyles to help you face the bad hair days and make the most out of the good hair days:

1. Low Pigtails

Low Pigtails

Medium or long curly hair looks very nice with low pigtails and all you have to have to achieve this simple yet very amazing style are two matching elastic bands.

Simply section the hair, twist the left section outwards a few times to get your curls to form a nice shape, secure it with an elastic band then pull the band down a half an inch and use your fingers to touch up your style.

Repeat the same procedure with your right section and add a flower or a band to dress up the look or to make it more interesting.

2. Romantic and Swept Back

Romantic and Swept Back

Styling curly hair can be very difficult sometimes and by «sometimes» I mean «times when it grows out and loses its shape». Luckily, there are ways to fix even this and get your hair to look gorgeous! Simply sweep the front section back, twist it and pouf it gently to create a luscious voluminous crest then pin it down using a barrette that matches your outfit. Use your fingers and shine serum to touch up your look and voila- you’re all done!2

3. Hippie Look

Hippie Look

But curly hair has a lot of good hair days as well and, since these would be a shame to miss, I suggest opting for one of my favorite curly hairstyles that will allow you to wear your hair loose, wild yet still styled nicely.2

Start by applying lock-defining, anti-frizz serum then simply add a nice hair band or braid a little section of hair at your temple, center it on your forehead and secure at your other temple.

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