13 Fantastic Braided Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair ...


Just because you don't have long, luscious locks doesn't mean you can't rock some fantastic braided hairstyles!

Medium length hair is such a perfect balance between long and short hair;

it's short enough to be low maintenence, but long enough so you can try different styles in it.

Check out this fabulous braided hairstyles that work great with medium length hair!

1. Waterfall Braid

In case you though there are no such things as braided hairstyles for medium length hair this interesting video will definitely prove you wrong!

Super cute and incredibly stylish, a waterfall braid style might be a bit harder to do but it attracts a lot of attention and will definitely prove to be a perfect style for school, first date or casual outing with friends.

Opt for it in case you’re not into up do’s and love showing off your shiny mane and be prepared to receive a lot of compliments as it will help draw attention to your gorgeous face and eyes!

2. Chic Boho Updo

This girl is absolutely brilliant!

But seriously, how does she come up with all of these amazing hairstyles?!

Take a look at this girly, chic boho inspired updo and do share your thoughts!

I love it – it’s perfect for summer and will help you style your medium long tresses and look absolutely amazing in both day and evening occasions!

3. 70’s Inspired

Classic, much-loved style with a modern twist – this tutorial is perfect for all of you ladies who absolutely love straight hair and enjoy showing off your length!

Two wraparound braids really give this classic, slightly retro style a hint of something extra, allowing you to rock your length and a pouf without appearing costumey!

Do remember to bring an extra pin or few, though- coiling your length into a small, low bun is all you’ll need to do in order to turn your cute day look into a glam updo!

Milkmaid Braid
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