How to Keep Your Hair Healthy with the Furnace on ...


It’s fall now, which means your heat may have come on a time or two.

Mine certainly has.

With that comes the risk of dry, brittle hair because the drier air inside tends to suck the moisture from your strands.2

You don’t have to resign yourself to icky hair until the weather warms up again because there are several things you can do to protect your mane and stay looking and feeling gorgeous all through the fall.

Try one or all of these things and you’ll love the way your hair looks.

1. Try Hair Products That Contain Shea Butter

Shea butter is super hydrating and can really help keep dry hair at bay when you’re inside with the furnace humming.

Look for shea butter in your shampoo and conditioner and you’ll lock in moisture to each and every strand, helping keep your hair healthy and full of moisture.

Easy, right?

Try Swiping Your Hair with Dryer Sheets
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