17 New Year's Hair Resolutions to Make ...

New Year’s hair resolutions are a good use for your pencil!

I’ve talked about hair-care related ones, now it’s time to broaden the topic a bit and share some of the general hair-related decisions I think all of us should be making in the New Year!

Do take a look even if you’ve already done your New Year's hair resolutions, as you might decide to update them a little bit.

1. I Will Be Brave

Some of us are dying for a new hair color, others are considering a different cut and yet we’re too scared to act on it and really and truly make it happen!

Promise yourself this one will be different than all new year’s hair resolutions you’ve made so far!

You’ll be braver this year and you will do what you feel is right.

You go girl!

Dye your hair even if it means some clothes (or colors, to be precise) will be off limits for you due to a new color or cut it short even if you’ve worn it long for the last 5 years!