7 Styles for Super Long Hair ...


Even though I don’t actually have it right now, I still love checking out nice styles for super long hair.

I’m planning for the day when I finally have enough patience to let my hair grow out past my shoulders.

Long hair is incredibly versatile, so it lends itself well to a lot of gorgeous hairdos.

If you’ve got long hair or if you, too, are waiting (im)patiently for the day yours finally reaches the length you want, then check out these styles for super long hair!

1. Sleek and Straight

Sleek and Straight

Photo Credit: pedro garcia

One great style for super long hair is keeping it straight and sleek.2

Even if your hair is naturally straight, a flatiron really helps with this style.

You want to get your hair as sleek as possible – but you don’t want to damage your hair for high fashion.

When you try this look, make sure you use the proper protective products, like a good styling spray.

2. Wavy and Textured

Wavy and Textured

Photo Credit: Nina

While long, loose curls have long been the go-to trend, waves are making an impact now.3

Long hair looks gorgeous with waves, especially if they have a lot of texture.2

You can complement this look with a bit of light, thin fringe.

Keep your bangs straight for a really great look.

3. A Classic Bun

A Classic Bun

Photo Credit: mika

Long hair looks great in a bun.

This look is classic, elegant, and incredibly easy when your hair is long.3

Actually, it’s quite versatile, as well.

You can go with a chignon, a sleek bun on top of your head, or something messy and fun!

4. Shoulder Length Bounce

Shoulder Length Bounce

Photo Credit: voguemarie2010

Here’s another gorgeous style for super long hair – and it fools the eye, as well.2

This look is ideal if you want to try shorter hair, but you don’t really want to cut it.

All you have to do is set your hair in large hot rollers, creating curls with a lot of bounce.

This will make your hair look inches shorter, creating a lot of versatility.2

Blunt and Banging
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