7 Things to do for Flawless Hair This Winter ...


Winter hair care can be a complicated issue, but luckily there are a few key things to do for flawless hair each of us can take advantage of during the cold season.

With harsh winds, precipitation, dry climates, increased humidity, and environmental allergens, our hair takes a hit in many ways that can make a girlโ€™s beauty routine pretty challenging.

Be sure you know what things to do for flawless hair this winter so you can keep your lovely locks in good condition, and stay looking great all winter long!

1. Protect


One of the best things to do for flawless hair is protect it, winter time or not.

Protecting your hair is just like protecting your skin.

It prevents further damage later and will help ensure your hair stays healthy all winter long.

To protect your hair, apply an SPF lotion or spray that will help keep out UV rays in the winter.2

Believe it or not, sun can damage your hair just as much in the winter as in the summer, and the colder conditions can make damage worse.

By keeping out UV rays, you help expose your hair to less damage all winter long.

2. Condition


Even if you think you donโ€™t need a conditioner, I can promise you that you do.

Be sure you condition your hair properly by applying it in the shower after you wash, and if your hair is dry, apply a leave-in treatment too.

This will help keep your hair from breaking and will help prevent split ends as well.

3. Pin It up

Pin It up

A great way to protect your hair from the weather is to pin it up loosely either for work or for general activities.

Even if youโ€™re not in the outside conditions a long time, your hair may still take a hit from short exposures to changing climates outside and in.

By pinning it up, you're protecting the most delicate parts of your hair, which are your ends, from the environment and keeping them safely tucked away.

Cute chignons, buns, or loose ponies all pinned up will work.

Careful when Combing
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