7 Tips for Creating the Perfect Sock Bun ...


When I first learned about sock buns, I had no idea how to create the sock bun or what it was at all!

Well ladies, if you've ever heard of a sock bun but have no idea how to create one, I've got the top 7 tips to help!

Below, we're going to go through, step-by-step how to create the sock bun to really help you create this awesome look!

So girls, you ready to learn how to create the sock bun?

1. Choose a Sock Close to Your Hair Color

Firstly, you gotta pick a sock that is close to your hair color – otherwise it could show through!

So if you have dark hair, a black sock will work great!

Also, make sure that it is clean!

You don't want a dirty sock in your hair.

This is the very first step when you are looking to learn how to create the sock bun look!

2. Cut the Tip of the Foot off

Now that you've got the sock, the next step on learning how to create the sock bun is to cut the tip of the foot off of the sock.

Trust me ladies, this is the most important step!

After all, how are you going to move to step #3 if you don't have the little footie cut off?

After you cut the foot off, just toss it, you won't need it at all!

3. Roll into a Donut

Now that you've completed step #2, you can now move onto rolling your sock into a donut.

This is absolutely a critical step when you are learning how to create the sock bun.

You want to ensure that the sock bun is even all around and that it does have a pretty good hole in the middle of it.2

You'll need that to stick your ponytail through it!

Gather Your Hair into a Ponytail
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