7 Tips on How to Survive a Bad Haircut ...

About five months ago, I got the worst haircut of my life, so I instantly wondered how to survive a bad haircut.

I was seriously tempted to spend the rest of the year sequestered in my house with the blinds drawn, but instead I called my usual stylist and made an appointment for that same day.

Hereโ€™s all of the advice she gave me on how to survive a bad haircut, not that Iโ€™ll need them again now that Iโ€™ve learned my lesson about cheating on my stylist with some hack (pun intended).

1. See Your Own Stylist

This is the first in my suggestions of how to survive a bad haircut because itโ€™s important that you do it, right away, after the original, horrible cut.

Your own stylist, the one you rely on a few times a year, will already know how to talk you off the ledge, communicate with you about a fix, and how to work with your #hair.

She wonโ€™t laugh at your misfortune, though she might give you a gentle โ€œI told you not to trust anyone else!โ€