7 Awesome Braided Hairstyles That You'll Love ...

Braided hairstyles are my favorite because they're so easy to rock! YouTube tutorials have made it super easy to learn new styles. I admit, I've spent a few minutes (that turn into hours) watching tutorial after tutorial. These seven braided hairstyles will help you dress up/down your outfits! Check them out and let me know which one you'll be rocking next!

1. Braided Sock Bun

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Whenever I don't feel like putting in much effort on my appearance, but want to seem like I did, the sock bun is my go-to. It's easy to do and makes you look super cute and classy. If you want to go all out, try the braided sock bun! It's one of my favorite braided hairstyles. However, I usually I have to get my sister to do it for me. She's great with braids!

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