7 Awesome Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces ...


There are so many fabulous Hairstyles for Oval Shaped Faces and if your face is oval, you should consider yourself very lucky, sister! Why? Because every and any hairstyle works great for your face. Now, although oval face is, generally, one of the best shapes for hairstyles, there a few special hairstyles for oval shaped faces that are supposed to really bring out your best features. So, if you’re feeling out of ideas and you really want to change something about your hair, consider these 7 hairstyles for oval shaped faces:

1. Extra Chic Bob

Extra Chic Bob

Oh you lucky, lucky lady! You have no idea how lucky you are! Did you know that a famous, super chic Victoria Beckham bob is one of the most ideal hairstyles for oval shaped faces? I know some of you may think that bob isn’t a really versatile hairstyle but you can really do a lot with it. You can crunch it or curl it to look like Carrie Bradshaw, straighten it to get a shiny classy up-do or style it using a big round brush, tease here and there and voila – a magnificent Mrs. Beckham up-do!

Super Short
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