9 Best Types of Shampoos for Blondes ...

The best shampoos for blonde hair I'm about to suggest today will help put your mind at ease when it comes to keeping your tresses healthy and in check. After all, it's no secret that managing blonde hair takes a lot of work! And whether you’re a bottle blonde or a natural blonde, having a few special shampoos for blondes could always come handy. Lack of shine, dull, flat hair and brassy tones are just some of the problems that affect blonde beauties and need to be taken care of right away. Luckily, maintaining your color with the following shampoos for blonde hair is one easy step to having the perfect blonde you’ve always dreamed of.

1. Purple Shampoo

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One of the all time best shampoos for blonde hair, a purple shampoo, is the holy grail and the cornerstone of blonde hair care. Sometimes, especially for at home colorists, blonde hair winds up turning brassy or yellow because of natural fading. To help combat this unsightly color combination, purple shampoo helps to rid your blonde locks of unwanted and unnatural tones by lightening and neutralizing brass. The key to this beauty mystery lies within the color wheel. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the spectrum, which counteracts the color by adding purple pigment to your hair to neutralize the dye and help to create natural brightness and tame hair color.

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