7 Best Short Hairstyles Modeled by Celebrities ...

This past year we have seen some of the best short hairstyles modeled by celebrities. It seems like all the leading ladies in the spotlight have traded in their longer locks to sport cute bobs, sassy pixie cuts, and edgy cropped cuts. With the beauty world taking notice, people are flocking to their hairdressers to jump on the band wagon, sporting shorter hairstyles. As an ode to the leading ladies that have made the cut, here are the 7 best short hairstyles modeled by the celebrities who started the trend.

1. Jennifer Lawrenceโ€™s Pixie Cut

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Out of all the best short hairstyles, the most requested hair cut of 2014 so far has been the pixie cut. While many stars have recently donned the look, it seems like it wasn't until Jennifer Lawrence made the cut that the requests really started to come in. Many were hesitant to go the way of a pixie cut after associating it with Miley Cyrus, but leave it to Jennifer Lawrence to change the minds of the nation. While this cut is not my favorite look of Lawrenceโ€™s, I canโ€™t deny the level of popularity for it that she has created.

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