7 Essential Oils to Use in Your Haircare Routine ...


Hair oil of choice or maybe even two or three could really make a difference and turn your regular hair care routine into something really potent and super special! Now, I’m sure you already have your favorite hair oils but do check out this list of 7 oils I haven’t talked about much before, because you might find a perfect essential oil to improve your aromatherapy infusions:

1. Carrot Oil

Carrot root essential oil is basically a thicker orangey paste you can either obtain in its pure form and dilute in Jojoba oils or opt for a ready to use extract. It great both as a hair oil and skincare emulsion because its rich in carotene and antioxidants and aids skin renewal as well as hair growth. This is actually one very potent oil which means that a little bit of it will go a long way so use it sparingly and enjoy its many healthy properties.

Clary Sage Essential Oil
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