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Hair oil of choice or maybe even two or three could really make a difference and turn your regular hair care routine into something really potent and super special! Now, I’m sure you already have your favorite hair oils but do check out this list of 7 oils I haven’t talked about much before, because you might find a perfect essential oil to improve your aromatherapy infusions:

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Carrot Oil

Carrot root essential oil is basically a thicker orangey paste you can either obtain in its pure form and dilute in Jojoba oils or opt for a ready to use extract. It great both as a hair oil and skincare emulsion because its rich in carotene and antioxidants and aids skin renewal as well as hair growth. This is actually one very potent oil which means that a little bit of it will go a long way so use it sparingly and enjoy its many healthy properties.


Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage, also known as Muscatel Sage does wonders for an inflamed, problematic or simply greasy scalp and can be mixed with other essential oils or used alone to achieve optimal scalp Ph value. Its wonderful, nutty smell will also relax you and help you during your painful menstrual cycles or sore muscles so it’s not just one of those great essential oils for hair but a very beneficial oil in general.


Cypress Oil

Known for its astonishing effect in treating alopecia areata, cypress oil is also something you should have a look into and consider using as a hair oil of choice. Mix it with some of the other well know essential oils such as Rosemary, Sage or Lavander to create your own hair-care mixture or add a few drops to your conditioner to boost hair growth and clear an oily scalp.


Carrot Seed Oil

While this oil is different than carrot root oil, it certainly doesn’t lack any wonderful properties! In fact, you can even mix them both to make sure that you’re not missing out on anything! And, if I tell you that this oil also acts as a rejuvenating agent and boosts cell production, I’m sure you’ll definitely want to try it.


Bergamot Oil

Next on my list of super wonderful hair oils you might want to incorporate in your skincare routine is bergamot oil, essential oil that soothes your scalp, aids hair growth and makes your hair extra shiny. Apply it on your tresses for instant protection and shine, mix it with castor and coconut oil to create a hair growth tonic or add a couple of drops to your conditioner to enjoy its soothing, PH balancing properties after every wash. Do have in mind that bergamot oil is basically a citrus oil and, as such, increases photo sensitivity of the area on which it has been applied and remember to protect your hair from sun and save it from potential burns.


Almond Oil

If your dry, damaged hair is what has been giving you troubles lately, you should definitely try a homemade almond hot oil mask. The recipe is pretty simple – just heat a small amount of this oil, rub into your dry tresses and allow it about a half an hour for the minerals and proteins to soak into the hair. An old folk medicine recipe also suggests rubbing your scalp with warm almond oil to get it to produce more oil.


Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is said to be the best hair oil for dry, curly hair because it actually stimulates the oil glands to produce more oil which leads to healthier, stronger and shinier hair. It also minimizes the appearance of dandruff and using it in your hair care routine can even make your hair a highly undesired habitat for parasites such as head lice! Great, isn’t it? Do remember that with this citrus oil the same rules apply which means you shouldn’t expose the treated area to direct sunlight.

Which are your favorite essential oils for hair and is there a hair oil you’re particularly interested in incorporating into your hair care routine?

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Coconut oil doesn't do anything for me (my hair is coarse, thick, and curly and I've used formulated and organic coconut oils to no avail!) but sweet almond oil is AMAZING!! :]

I just made a blend with lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang, and rosemary (but next time i'll use chamomile since i'm blonde) and it's really, really nice stuff. Smells good, too!!

Burdock oil is my personal fave. I have very dry hair and this oil gave me results on day one, unlike everything else I've tried. I don't know if this has happened to anyone here, but I get pimples on my scalp. Burdock oil also helped get rid of that and the pimples on my face.

I have combination oily scalp with dry fragile ends, Ill be incorporating a few of these oils into my treatments and see if it helps!

carrot oil?? Never even knoew that existed! Anyway, I use argan oil by the pro naturals brand (nol silicones), cant leave the house without that on!

I want try ylang ylang essential oil since I heard it was good for damaged hair and it can thicken hair as well. Has anyone had good results?

These are great, definitely have to test them out for myself soon! I also like Argan (Morrocan) Oil for making my hair soft and shiny!

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