7 Fabulous Hair Magazines You've Got to Flip through ...


Hair magazines are a wonderful thing any person who cares enough about itself (and all the body parts including hair) must flip through at least once in a few months. And, believe me, you donโ€™t have to do it only when you need a new cut because hairstyle magazines contain many interesting information you could find useful every single day of the year. So check out this list of popular, highly praised mags and the next time you want to get yourself a magazine subscription be sure to opt for a hair magazine!

1. American Salon

American Salon

Subscription Price: $33.00 at amazon.com

If youโ€™re a professional hair stylist looking for fresh ideas, new tips, tricks, trends and styles youโ€™ll definitely want to subscribe! American Salon is undoubtedly one of the best hair magazines out there and it allows all knowledge- craving pros to get their fair share of into on just everything and anything hair related.

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