20 Fantastic Tips for Silky Smooth Hair ...

We all want shiny, lush hair, but lately, yours has been naughty, with split ends and a general lack of luster. How to make it behave, and become the head of enviable gorgeous tresses you know you’re meant to have? I can help. After a long chat with my trusted, marvelous stylish, I have 20 fantastic tips for silky hair… read on, sweetie!

1. Eat Well

You are what you eat, and if all you eat is junk, your hair (and skin) will rat you out. A healthier diet will give you healthier hair, though you don’t need to take a special supplement. Skip the fattening fried foods in favor of lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and replace soda with water or all-natural mixed fruit juices. You’ll look, and feel, a lot better.