7 Great Aromatherapy Infusions for Super Healthy Hair ...


Healthy hair, shiny hair, fast growing hair - all of these things can be achieved naturally with the help of aromatherapy and the right combination of various, super nurturing essential oils! Natural hair care is actually quite fun not to mention extremely popular and will give you a chance to take the matters into your own hands and get great results without having to spend a great deal of cash! And here are a few awesome infusions to start with:

1. Aromatherapy Infusion for Hair Growth

Ingredients: 4 essential oils (Thyme, Cedar wood, Lavender, Rosemary), 20ml carrier oils (Jojoba oil and Grape seed oil), small glass bottle.

This extremely beneficial mixture will keep your scalp and roots healthy making sure your long locks grow even longer. Mix 2 drops of each Thyme and Cedar wood oil, 3 drops of each Lavender and Rosemary oil, add about a teaspoon of Jojoba oil and 20 milliliters of Grape seed carrier oil and you’ll get an infusion that needs to be kept in a small glass bottle and applied every evening. The application is quite simple and it won’t take a lot of your time – simply use a few drops of this mixture to give your scalp a soothing, invigorating 2-minute massage.

Natural Cure for Head Lice
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