8 Highly Praised Products for Beautiful Afro Hair ...

Products for afro hair I’m going to discuss today are very popular and highly praised for their properties and effect they have on natural hair. So let’s talk African-American hair care in a way we’ve never discussed it before! Let’s talk actual products and let’s do it NOW!

1. Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave in Conditioner

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Price: $17.39 at amazon.com
Knot Today leave in conditioner is often said to be one of the best products for afro hair, especially if we’re talking about thick hair that tangles easily and is quite difficult to comb through. You won’t need to slap on tons of it (most folks say a little bit of this creamy conditioner goes a long way) so it actually pays out plus it can be used either as a leave in conditioner or a regular on, depending on your hair type. It’s not greasy and doesn’t build up but moisturizes like a charm, smoothing out your cuticles and revealing that natural healthy shine.

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