7 Greatest Katy Perry Hairstyles of All Time ...

The greatest Katy Perry hairstyles tend to reflect her personality, music, and emotions. Her hair can be bright and bubbly or dark and dramatic. Many people look up to her for “hair-spiration” and these 7 styles are some of her most sought-after. I think you’ll agree that these are some of the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles of all time.

1. 2008 MTV Video Music Awards

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We can’t kick off a list of the greatest Katy Perry hairstyles without showcasing the hair that started it all. When Katy Perry first came out on the music scene with “I Kissed A Girl,” she had gorgeous brunette locks. Her style was still cute and quirky, but she hadn’t ventured out into the bold hair colors quite yet. The brown hair looks absolutely gorgeous on her, however, which makes it one of my favorite Katy Perry hairstyles. You can recreate this look by parting to your hair slightly in the middle and having bangs lay on both sides of your forehead. To recreate the curls, use a medium sized curling iron to get her gorgeous locks.

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