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8 Hacks for Super Straight Hair 2015 Style ...

By Kati

I love curls, but there are some days (and outfits!) that just need super sleek straight hair. Stars like Kendall Jenner and Victoria Justice are making it one of this season’s hottest looks. But have you ever wondered how they achieve sleek, straight and stylish hair every time, whilst we fight with frizz and try to avoid frying our hair? Check out these hacks for achieving straight hair, 2015 style.

1 Always Prep Your Hair

Okay, so if you’re in a rush, it’s the first thing that you skip. Or if you’ve run out of product, or you just can’t be bothered to find it. Applying heat protection products should be right up their on your priorities, though. Whether a protection spray or a serum, it stops your hair from being fried every time you straighten it, which means it keeps that glossy look that makes straight hair look so good. Don’t skip it!

2 Use Sections

Everyone is guilty of just styling the top layer of hair once in a while, but if you want truly stylish straight hair, you’re going to have to do it properly. Grab some hairclips, and section out your hair. Each section should be small enough that you can straighten it in one go, and you should spend equal time on all of them. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes.

3 Work from the Bottom up

Don’t be tempted to start with your top layer and work down – you’ll introduce volume under your hair, which you don’t want. Instead, start from the bottom, and do your top layer last. The rest of your hair will be lying straight and stylish by then, so you’ll get a more professional finish, too.

4 Use Your Hairdryer

Getting ready to straighten your hair? Dry it with a hairdryer, and use a large round brush to smooth it out and straighten it down. For best results, you’ll need a narrow nozzle for your hairdryer, and don’t forget your heat protection spray!

5 Backcomb for More Volume

Ever wondered how Jenner manages to make her hair uber straight, but it doesn’t look flat? Careful backcombing is the secret. Channel that Rachel cut once more, and backcomb the hair whilst your blowdrying and straightening. Do it gently, though – a big backcomb might make you look more 80’s than 2015.

6 Skip the Heat

Want straight hair without the heat? Mix up a cup of water and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Pour into a spray bottle, shake and spray onto damp hair. Wait for it to air dry, and voila! Straighter hair with no heat. I have to touch mine up, because my hair is so thick, but it works perfectly for some people, and it means my hair is much faster to style.

7 Got a Cowflick?

Get rid of it by wrapping the hair around a round brush, and pulling a flat iron up after the brush. It sounds complicated, but it’s really not! Using a round brush and a flat iron is the perfect way to be rid of cowlicks.

8 Set Your Style

If you’re not using a styling spray to hold everything in place, set your style by blasting it with some (gentle!) cold air. It’ll secure your hair in place forever more.

Changing your hairstyle is a great way to mix up your look without too much effort, so I’d definitely recommend testing these techniques. Once you’ve got 2015’s hottest style down, you’ll be ready for anything! Bring on the photoshoots.

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