15 Hairstyles Guys Love ...

The hairstyles we love and the hairstyles guys love can sometimes be worlds apart — just ask your guy friends for their opinions on Michelle Williams’ signature blonde pixie cut, the one we girls all love. Their reactions will run the gamut, but there are a few hairstyles guys love, almost unanimously. What are these guy-approved hairstyles, you ask? Keep reading! Here are 7 hairstyles guys love… which of them will you try?

1. Boho Long and Loose

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Every single guy I know, when asked, listed this as his very first choice as a guy-approved hairstyle. They love to see long, flowing, wavy hair on a woman, not overly styled and touchably soft. If you already have wavy hair, marvelous! If not, use a big curling iron or extra-large rollers to get the waves, then finger-comb upside down, spritz with a light-hold hairspray, and go.

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