Nix the Hairdryer: 7 Got to Have Tips for Air-Drying Your Hair ...


If you always use heat to style your hair, deciding to air dry might seem a bit scary. Heat can do a real number on your hair, so leaving the hairdryer or the straighteners unplugged for a couple days a week, or even just a day on the weekend, gives your hair a chance to breathe and regain its happy place. But not all of us are blessed with hair that fares well when left to dry naturally, so here are the tips to help.

1. Braid It before Bed to Make Waves

Fancy crimped hair but don’t want to use heat appliances to achieve the look? Try braiding your hair when it is damp to add a little natural texture. If you want natural waves then go for a loose braid. If you want it more defined and crimped then tie the braid nice and tight. This is a simple way to dry your hair naturally, and the added bonus is that it is pretty comfortable to sleep in too.

Condition Your Hair after Washing for the Best Results
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