7 Routines to Keep Curly Hair Fabulous ...


Curly Hair is an understatement. Coming from a Caucasian women with hair larger than Diana Ross, I couldn’t have been more stumped as a teen on 2 things. 1) How the heck have I managed to get hair like this and 2) What in the world would I do with it. Afro curly hair doesn’t run in my family however the more children my parents had, the curlier the hair got. And being the the youngest of 3, I got an eruption of hair that would put any of the Jackson 5's afros to shame. And here are my 7 routines to follow in order to keep your curly hair looking beautiful:

1. Silk Pillow Case

The smoother the better. A silk pillow case will help with knots and breakage which, as you already know if you have curly hair, are two of your worst enemies. Your head moves constantly at night, making sure you are just perfectly cozy throughout your sleep. This moving of your head can be dreadful to curly hair, causing you to wake up with a rat's nest on the back of your head. A silk pillow case, however, will help let your curls roll with the night-time punches and you'll be pleased to know that this vital step in your routine is actually extremely affordable.

Deep Condition
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