7 Stylish Suggestions on Styling a Pixie Cut ...

If you’ve always had long hair, the thought of getting and styling a pixie cut might seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Pixie cuts are super chic, edgy and quite versatile despite the fact that you have pretty short hair with the cut. Pixie cuts aren’t all just wash and go like some might believe, there are many ways to style this short, sassy ‘do. Read about all the different ways on styling a pixie cut below and get inspired!

1. Messy

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One of my personal favorites in styling a pixie cut is to wear it messy and top it off with a headband. A messy pixie cut looks bold, daring and the headband adds just a splash of feminine style. Tousle your locks a la Halle Berry with a hair wax or other styling product and just muss it up in every direction possible. Tidy it up a bit, or not and top it off with a headband.

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