8 Tips for Being Nice to Your Hair ...


I once went through a three month phase where it seemed like every day was a bad hair day, because I simply wasn’t taking good care of my hair. Your hair can pay you back when you aren’t nice to it, and its revenge can result in disaster. The good news is that it’s actually really easy to treat your hair well, so that you’ll always have a lovely, glorious head of it. To start out, here are some great tips for being nice to your hair than can banish bad hair days for good.

1. Be Careful with Shampoo and Conditioner

The first and most important tip for being nice to your hair revolves around how you wash it. Like I’ve said before, most hair care professionals advise you not to wash your hair every single day. When you do wash and condition it, however, it’s important to have shampoo and conditioner that benefits your hair type. If you’ve got oily hair, you probably don’t need a hydrating shampoo, for example, and if you dye your hair, look for choices good for color treated hair.

Watch the Heat
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