Tips for Making Your Hair Look Sweet and Summery with Hair Chalk ...

If you've ever logged onto Tumblr or Pinterest, you've seen gorgeous girls with colored strands of hair. However, some of us aren't ready to commit to dying our hair a crazy color, which is why hair chalk was invented. It's a great alternative that'll let you see what you look like with colored hair, but it will wash out before your parents have a chance to yell at you about it. If you're interested in getting a cute new look, here are some tips for using hair chalk:

1. Avoid Wearing Good Clothes You Don't Want to Ruin

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Hair chalk can get pretty messy, which is why your first order of business should be to find clothing that you won't mind ruining. It's best to wear a robe that'll be easy for you to wash or an old tee-shirt that you don't mind tossing out. You also want to be in a room with floors that are easy to clean, like a bathroom, so that any chalk that falls to the ground won't stain anything.

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