Top Tips for Girls Who Go Grey Early ...

It can come as quite a shock if you start to go grey early. Your age when your first grey hairs appear is dependent on genetics, but may be as late as your 40s or 50s. But some people start to go grey even younger; we associate grey hair with old age, so it's alarming if you spot those first grey hairs when in your 20s or early 30s. Here are some tips on what to do if you start to go grey early …

1. Change Your Style

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If you start to go grey early, changing your hairstyle may be enough to hide the grey hairs. For example, try parting your hair on the other side or just moving the parting slightly. This will hide a small number of greys that appear on the top of your head.

2. Nobody Notices

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When you see those first grey hairs in the mirror, it feels as though they're lit up in neon! But the chances are that you're the only one that sees them, and that nobody else has even noticed them. People have got better things to think about than what's on your head, so you could just ignore the grey hairs while there aren't that many of them. Decide what to do about them once you've got a more noticeable quantity.

3. Color?

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Eventually you'll be faced with the decision on whether to color your hair or not. You may hate the idea of greying while you're still relatively young. But coloring your hair to keep the greys at bay is a constant process. It may come down to a simple question: can you be bothered with the frequent maintenance of a hair color?

4. Desirable

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Going grey or silver may not actually be that terrible. Think of how silver tresses have become the trademark of models Kristen McMenamy and Daphne Guinness. Some younger women even opt for a grey or silver color long before the first natural grey appears; Nicole Richie has sported both white and the kind of lavender more associated with old ladies. So you could embrace the change and make it your trademark as well!

5. Dramatic

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Grey, white or silver hair can actually look amazing with a good cut. You don't have to opt for a short cut either; long silver hair is stunning. I've seen a couple of women with beautiful long silver hair that really grabbed my attention. Both were probably in their forties or younger, and were two of the most stunning women I've ever seen. So don't be afraid of going grey!

6. Quick Fixes

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If you want to hide the greys, there are a number of quick fixes. You could use a product designed to touch up roots, or run a hair mascara over the grey hairs. In fact, why not take the opportunity to experiment with a bright, no-commitment color? This hair mascara from Sephora comes in four eye-catching shades, lasts up to two days and will mask those pesky grey hairs with panache.

7. Blend

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Finally, if you have a substantial number of grey hairs and decide to cover them, the best way to do so is to use a blend of shades rather than a block of color. Our natural color is a mix of several shades, so using one color will look less natural. Ask your hairdresser to give you a mix of lowlights and highlights for a more natural look.

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