7 Ways to Style Your Bangs and Look Fabulous ...

Having bangs is a great way to add some style to your hair, yet perhaps you find yourself needing a little help coming up with new ways to style your bangs. I’ve got you covered! I had bangs for years and throughout the years learned all kinds of great ways to not only keep them tamed, but also keep them styled cute! Add some flair to your hair with these super simple ways to style your bangs. They’re simple, fun and incredibly helpful when you just have no idea what to do with your hair.

1. Pin Them Back

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Here’s a trick that’s one of my favorite ways to style your bangs. Pin them back with some bobby pins to keep them out of your eyes, and yet still add a little style. You can even find cute bobby pins with gems and jewels to add some flair. These are great to carry in your purse for on the go use too. You can either pin your bangs to the side to create a feminine look, or pin them straight back and give yourself a little poof to add a bit of glam.

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