7 Wonderful Natural Oils Your Hair Will Love ...


Natural oils for hair are an absolute must-try for all of those tempted to experiment with natural hair care! They smell great, nurture, soothe, they will make your hair strong and help you to grow it longer and healthier. So are you ready to give essential oils for hair a shot? Well, here are some youโ€™ll most certainly want to use:

1. Lavender Oil

Great-smelling, soothing and relaxing โ€“ lavender oils is one of the best natural oils for hair! And when I say ยซhairยป I mean literally all hair types! This wonderful oil is a common ingredient of many both skin care and hair care products not only because its wonderful smell but also because it prevents hair loss, treats many skin conditions and works wonders against excess sebum. The sad fact is that lavender oil used nowadays isnโ€™t as ยซrealยป as they would want us to think which means youโ€™ll be better off buying your supplies in the pharmacy then relying on big cosmetic companies.

Application: Massage into a scalp either alone or mixed with other oils.

Rosemary Oil
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