9 Worst Hairstyles Ever Seen on a Head of a Celebrity ...

Worst hairstyles seen on us everyday people aren’t much more than a temporary inconvenience and maybe a good piece of gossip material. Celebrities, in the other hand, are a whole different matter! We rely on them to show us the latest hair DO’s but they’ve also shown us plenty of hair DON’Ts. Now, there are plenty of celebs whose photos I’d never print out to take to my stylist, but only a carefully selected few deserve their place on the list of people with worst hairstyles:

1. Hulk Hogan’s ‘do

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A word of advice, Big Guy, simply because yours has been one of the worst hairstyles since day one! You see, when life gives you a lemon, you’re supposed to make lemonade, not slap an orange bandana over it and call it orange. And when the majority of your hair decides to pack up and skip town, no amount of side-length can make the problem go away. Chop it off, blame it on testosterone and call it a day. Trust me, you’re way too cool to look up to Angus Filch and Walder Frey.

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