7 Super Easy Tutorials on Styling Your Afro Curls ...


Natural or salon-made Afro Curls need a lot of pampering to look great โ€“ all that moisturizing, detangling and letโ€™s not forget about the hairstyle either!

Tricky, huh?

Well, Iโ€™ve managed to find a few awesome up-do ideas that work best on Afro curls and Iโ€™m going to show them to you today in hopes that they wonโ€™t only help you to look stunning but inspire you to create your own super-stylish up-dos as well!

And, with that said, hereโ€™s a few totally fab videos on how to rock your gorgeous Afro curls:

1. Classic Afro Pouf


Now I definitely LOVE this simple, yet so amazing, style!2

Did you just see that?

I mean it totally looks like a bun and I bet that you can add a lot of cool stuff such as ribbons, scarves, bejeweled hairpins or even bring the band a little bit more up or to the front or back to create a similar, yet a bit different hairstyle for every day of the week!

2. Party Twist out Curls

Okay, I know this is now exactly the easiest way to style your Afro curls but I simply had to include it in my list and, if youโ€™ve checked it out, Iโ€™m sure you understand why!

Itโ€™s a perfect party hairstyle and, since the holiday season is upon us, I bet youโ€™ll want to try it out soon.

Iโ€™m definitely going to at least try to do something like this- Iโ€™m not sure itโ€™s going to work but heyโ€ฆ a girl can hope!

Make sure you sit out through the whole video because youโ€™ll get to see a lot of ideas on how to dress this look up.2

3. Formal Bun

A bun is always a good way to keep it classy and, when you have thick hair that tends to hold its shape, bun is certainly the easiest style to pull off as well!

Could I ever hope to get my hair to look like this?

Probably not but Iโ€™m sure plenty of you ladies will find this style perfectly easy to do not to mention ideal for the upcoming festivities!

So go ahead, give it a shot and donโ€™t forget to let me know how it turned out!

Awesome Party Hairstyle
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