Top 10 Supermodel Hair Heroes ...


Supermodel hair means spending a large part of your professional life in the salon, being subject to a hell of a lot of restyling at the whim of an over-zealous creative director must feel like your image isn’t entirely within your ownership.

Some supermodels, however, have taken a style – sometimes thrust upon them by a forward-thinking hairdresser – and have made the cut individual to them.

Supermodel hair has been something I, and many other bloggers, have revered since childhood.

Walking tall like the modern-day Aphrodite-meets-Amazonian warrior, supermodels have long been the idols of many a young fashion and beauty blogger.

And here is my countdown of the ultimate supermodel hair heroes of all-time:

10. Agyness Deyn

Agyness Deyn

The supermodel that Anna Wintour once famously said Β«wears her hair in an uncompromising styleΒ» is famous for her ice-blonde pixie cut.

The Lancashire-born supermodel has never forgotten her Northern rebel roots and even though she has changed her name from the original moniker of Laura Hollins, Agyness embraced a colour change with a punk swerve to her supermodel hair.

Claudia Schiffer
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