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Cutting curly hair is an art you can easily master at home by applying a few hair cutting tips and techniques I’m going to show you here. It can also help you save a bunch during these hard times and still look absolutely fabulous every single day! So, are you feeling brave enough to attempt to cut your own hair? Well, here are a few videos on cutting hair that ought to make it much easier for you:

1. Cutting Long Layers in Curly Hair

I’m starting this list of videos on cutting curly hair with something a bit different – a tutorial that teaches you how to cut somebody else’s hair instead of your own!

I think this is absolutely perfect for moms as well as all ladies who are willing to learn how to give their curly loved ones a perfect cut and help them save a bunch on their hair upkeep.

2. Short Curly Hair Cut

If you love your short curls a bit messy and you absolutely dread the so called «helmet hairstyles», here’s one interesting vid to show you how to cut a choppy, fun-loving haircut that’s easy to upkeep and style.

You can give this method a shot even if you have long hair because it will allow you to style your top layer and bangs and achieve that bouncy, fluffy, voluminous top I personally adore quite a bit!2

3. Cutting Hair with Crea Clip

Speaking about regular upkeep and those top layers and bangs that really need to be styled quite often – have you ever used this clip?

It sounds pretty awesome to me and looks like it’s a piece of cake to use!

The only problem is that I can’t seem to find it in any beauty supply shop!

It’s not a bad idea at all, though, and I’m hoping some of you girls have tried it and can share a few thoughts on it.

Tutorial on Cutting Bangs
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