7 Classic Hairstyles to Try ...


Changing your hairstyle can make you look younger and more attractive almost instantaneously. So many of us are scared to try a new look but if you remind yourself that your hair will ultimately grow, it won’t seem like such a major risk. It is important to consider your face cut and hair texture before choosing a new hairstyle, as you don’t want to be left with a haircut that is unflattering and a massive job to style. Here are 7 classic hairstyles to try.

1. The Versatile Bob

The great thing about the bob is that it is a versatile haircut. You can wear it super short around your ears or longer, falling on your shoulders. You can have it leveled equally all over or graduated from back to front or vice versa. Also the cool thing about a bob is that when it grows out, it doesn’t look untidy and unkempt. It is easy to transform the bob into another look as and when you choose.

The Long and Strong Tresses
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