7 Ways to Jazz up Your Hair Color ...


I can't remember where I read it, I think it was The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker, but one of the characters therein said that she believed that if humans were given one part of their bodies to play with (haha!), it was their hair – and I totally agree. What else can you change and color and play with and start over with endlessly? Because if you don't like what you do to your hair, you know that it will grow out, or you can cut it – so why not have some fun with it? You can start out with these awesome 7 ways to jazz up your hair color!

1. Highlights

I love highlights! I'm pretty sure I've made that clear over time! They're lighter than your base hair color, and can be in any color – as long as it's lighter. They are really pretty, and although a lot of people get them in blond, like say, there are tons of other shades from which you can choose. If you have really dark brown hair, for instance, then a light, coppery shade of red can look gorgeous.

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