7 Adorable Hairstyles for a Music Festival That'll Make You Stand out ...

Thinking about new hairstyles for a music festival? You definitely want to spend some time deciding on the perfect look. It needs to make you stand out, but it also has to be practical, feel comfortable, and be easy to maintain. Don't worry, you can look cute while staying cool, as long as you're willing to experiment with some of these adorable hairstyles for a music festival!

1. Crown Yourself Queen of the Festival

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A crown of braids is one of the cutest, most regal hairstyles for a music festival – and it's practical as well. In addition to looking fabulously fairy tale, it keeps the hair out of your face so you don't get quite as hot and sweaty. There are several ways to create a braided crown, such as braiding two plaits of hair on either side of your face, creating a braided headband, braiding all of your hair, or creating a top crown that allows the rest of your length to cascade.

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