7 Feisty and Unique Hair Colors for Your Inner Rebel ...

Everyone has a little inner rebel but not everyone sports the variety of unique hair colors associated with it. Being a rebel with color can be fun. Changing your hair color to an unexpected hue can help empower you and bolster your sense of independence. If you are looking for some awesome and unique hair colors to try then have a look at our little starter list of suggestions. Many are familiar, but if you haven’t tried them before then think about giving them a go. Your color options are truly endless!

1. Jet Black

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Whenever I think rebel, I envision Joan Jett and her jet black hair. The hair color in its pure black form tops our list of unique hair colors. Jet black has almost always been associated with a rebellious look. The color is dark (obviously) and feisty and screams inner rebel! I love it and frequently dye my own hair this bold, dark color.

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