Here's How to Deal with a Horrendous Haircut ...


There’s nothing worse than having a haircut go terribly wrong. You enter the salon excited about a new cut, then look in the mirror afterward and experience major disappointment. It can seriously bring you to tears! These are some things that can help you to deal with a horrendous haircut.

1. Address the Issue with Your Stylist before You Leave the Salon

If your haircut ended up way shorter than you wanted then there’s sadly not much that can be done about it. But if it’s longer than you wanted or not the exact style you had in mind, voice that to your stylist. Many times they can make adjustments that can make you much happier. Don’t feel bad in expressing your feelings to your stylist. Most stylists would prefer you communicate your dissatisfaction while still in the chair rather than leave the beauty shop unhappy.

Try Styling with Some Accessories
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