11 Tips to Care for Relaxed Hair ...


Relaxers are available in a variety of strengths, intensity, ingredients. No matter the composition, each includes chemicals that alter hair composition to create a straighter β€˜more relaxed’ look. The chemicals also leave your hair vulnerable to easy damage. Relaxed hair needs special attention. A gentle hand, proper tips and tools will help you maintain the integrity of your strands and prevent against damage from heat styling, manipulation and products. Take a moment to peruse these eleven tips for relaxed hair care. Your strands will thank you for the love.

1. Professional Application

Relaxer application is serious business. This curl-loosening/strand softening product contains chemicals that can cause permanent damage if done incorrectly. Consult a professional for the best results. If a stylist is not an option for you, there are many affordable, easy to use boxed application kits. If you use an at-home product please be sure to enlist the help of a friend. Never underestimate the helpfulness of a second set of eyes and hands.

Regular Trims Are a Must
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