Top 7 Celebrity Hair Styles of Today ...

Celebrity Hair Styles are often emulated by the masses and I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s walked into a salon clutching a picture of a celebrity hair style to show to my hairdresser. In our time, there are certain celebrity hair styles that take on a life of their own. Who can forget ‘The Jennifer Aniston’ hairstyle? With more and more celebrities in the mix, all with their own individual styles, hair spotting has almost become a sport. Below are a few of the top celebrity hair styles of today.

1. Blake Lively

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As far as celebrity hair styles go, this girl gives me major hair envy. Her long locks are full of body, they look super natural and in the same time oh-so-healthy. But did you notice that she also seems to have the perfect amount of curl to her hair? It’s a very glamazon type of hair style, indeed and although she typically wears it swished over to one side, I have to note that this beauty also happens to be a fan of the ultra popular side braid.

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