Wanna Know a Secret? 7 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Fuller and Longer in a Jiffy ...

We all want a lush, full head of hair. Or at least the illusion of one. Are you with me? Sadly, I have pretty fine hair so if I don’t do things just right, I end up with a flat, boring look that I hate. In the same boat? Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your hair fuller and longer in very little time. Here they are.

1. Get Bangs

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Pulling some of the hair on the top of your head forward, and cutting in some bangs is a fast way to make your hair look thicker. For some reason, this gives the illusion of thicker strands. You probably want to have a stylist do this for you so you can get the bangs the perfect length. While you’re at it, have the hair underneath the bangs dyed slightly darker, which increases the appearance of volume as well.

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