7 Work Appropriate Hairstyles for Curly Hair ...

Hairstyles for curly hair I’ve managed to find on YouTube will help you style your hair into an office appropriate hairstyle that won’t only look great but prove to be very simple to make as well! So are you ready to find a new hairstyle for your curly hair? Well, check out these great videos and choose your favorite hairstyles for work:

1. Easy Elegant Hairstyle for Frizzy Hair


Okay, well this hairstyle right here could use a bit more work to look absolutely perfect but I had to show it to you because the idea is actually very good. Now, you may say this girl’s hair isn’t curly or that this hairstyle isn’t exactly a hairstyle for curly hair but I think it’s a perfect way to tame and style hair that, like mine, is too soft and loses that perfect curl very fast.

2. Hairstyles for Curly Hair


This collection of hairstyles right here will help you get ideas on how to style your short curly hair in under 5 minutes! Now, I do agree that not all of these are work-appropriate but do sit through the whole video as you’ll find at least three that are! I especially love boho twists as the style is pretty simple to do, interesting and yet basic enough for the office.

3. Tutorial for Perfect Curls


In case you absolutely love big curly hair and think this is an office appropriate hairstyle ( which I agree with, by the way), here’s a neat little tutorial to help you learn how to twist and use flexirods to create perfect, luscious spiral curls everyone will envy you on! And since you already have curly or wavy hair, you can rest assured this will give it more volume and nicer, long lasting texture!

4. Fabulous Elegant do


You might disagree with me right now but I think this is also one of those perfect hairstyles for curly hair I should mention! If you have soft curly hair that quickly loses its natural shape but has the ability to maintain any other heat or heatless style or texture for days, this could be a perfect idea on how to define and «fix» your curls on the ends while keeping your hair fairly straight at the roots. Don’t use a flat iron, though! Simply brush your hair once it’s 80% dry, let the weight of the curls do its magic overnight and don’t worry about imperfections –this style will look even better and more natural if the hair on top isn’t so perfectly straight.

5. Curly Bun Hairstyle


Whoa! Well let me just say that these gorgeous curls really deserve to be presented to the world and I would say that putting them in a regular bun would be a crime! Now, if you’re blessed with these super fabulous curls, you’ll definitely need to work on a few hairstyles for work that can show of your gorgeous mane and this one right here is absolutely perfect! It can be dressed up or down, messy or polished, all depending on your working environment and personal taste, of course!

6. Flowy Hairstyle for Curly Hair


This fantastic up do right here is actually pretty easy to re-create, doesn’t require any complicated styling aids or whatnot and will help you wear your sexy, spiral curls in a sassy, classy and not to mention office-appropriate way! An absolute must-do!

7. Glamorous up do


The last of my hairstyles for curly hair is something totally awesome! I three-minute, super easy yet unbelievably glamorous, absolutely office appropriate hairstyle that will help you look red-carpet ready even if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands! Your hair doesn’t have to be perfectly clean, you don’t need a lot of styling products so yes… definitely great!

Which one of these hairstyles for curly hair would you wear for work and is there a office appropriate hairstyle you especially like? Do share!

Top Image Source: weheartit.com