9 Stunning Braided Hairstyles YouTube Tutorials You Have to Check out ...


These fantastic braided hairstyles YouTube tutorials will surely speak for themselves.

Constantly sported by stars and fashion icons alike, braids of all lengths, color and sizes have become a staple hairstyle in the fashion industry.

It seems as if this trend will be around for a long time to come;

regardless of what your hair texture or skin tone is, experimenting with hairstyles is a great way to embrace diversity.

That being said, these iconic braided hairstyles YouTube tutorials will give you a reason to switch up your hairdo every day of the week!

1. Wrap around Braid

I love the amount of details and dedication that this user puts in her explanation, making this one of my favorite braided hairstyles YouTube tutorials.

For my ladies who are looking to transition from permed to natural hair, this is a great way to start!

While it is a more protective and simple style, don't be afraid to make it even more glamorous by adding accessories such as decorative hair pins and embellishments.

2. Fold-over Lace Braid Updo

YouTube hair guru "bebexo" recently debuted this tutorial on her popular channel.

I never realized how easily this hairstyle could be achieved until I watched this video.

While my hair is too short and curly to perfect this look, I do enjoy putting my own twist on her directions by letting some of my thick curls hang loose from the updo.

3. Bohemian Hairstyle

YouTube user "FashionGuru95" makes it so simple to perfect this wonderful hairstyle.

It is very similar in nature to the wrap around braid but is a bit messier.

I can't wait to rock this when I'm out for lunch with friends!

4. French Fishtail Braid

Trust me when I say that this next style looks harder to achieve than it actually is.

I love both the loose and tightly structured looks featured in this tutorial by YouTube user "Lilith Moon".

When imitating this hairstyle, my friend managed to go a step further by incorporating her bangs into the overall look.2

Double Fishtail Braid Natural Hair Updo
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