15 Best Hairstyles for round Faces Part Two ...

Finding the best hairstyles for round faces is essential for choosing something that flatters you. Round faces are extremely pretty and feminine, with plenty of soft curves and contours. Play up your features by experimenting with haircuts for round faces specifically. There are quite a few of them – more than you might expect, in fact. By no means should you think you have to rely on just one or two. Remember, it's not just about the cut itself, there are things you can do in terms of styling your hair as well. With options for long, short, or medium length locks, check out these options to get the right hair for round faces.

1. Mixed Layers

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A lot of the best hairstyles for round faces involve layers of some sort, as you'll see. You can really flatter a round face by getting a cut consisting of layers with all different lengths. Angling them so that some are short, some are long, and others are medium will frame your face rather than trapping it with too much hair. The shortest ones should be chin length, while the longest ones vary – as long as your hair is, that's as long as they can be. This kind of cut lends itself well to both straight locks and soft waves.

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