7 Hairstyles for Hiding Dry or Split Ends ...


7 Hairstyles for Hiding Dry or Split Ends ...
7 Hairstyles for Hiding Dry or Split Ends ...

Split ends you forgot to take care of on time could really give you a lot of troubles later, making it impossible for you to pull off some of your favorite elegant hairstyles and still look gorgeous as always! Yup, you know what I’m talking about and I’m sure that you’ve noticed that, once your dry ends start showing, wearing your hair straight or up in a ponytail isn’t acceptable anymore. No worried, darlings- there are many hairstyles you can opt for to hide those problematic areas and still look great even if you haven’t gotten around to visit a hairdresser! And here are some I absolutely love and think you should check out:

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Classic Bun

A classic, polished bun is a perfect way to hide split ends, plus it’s a perfectly glamorous hairstyle that will help you look your best in the office or for a special occasion of some kind. Now, I’m sure you know there are many ways to achieve this look which is why I’ve chosen this video to kind of show you an alternative, yet very interesting way you can wear your hair up. It’s called «cinnabon», it’s super stylish and, quite honestly, I think it’s way more fun than a regular bun.



Okay, so a chignon is always a nice, classy option for hiding raggy ends and, since I’ve discussed this style quite a bit in my previous posts, I’ve decided to show you something a bit different today. This retro-ish chignon is, in my opinion, one of those elegant hairstyles perfect for work or even a black tie event and will help you look absolutely fab despite the little «hair problem».


Loose Curls

Sexy, loose curls are a very cool, very popular hairstyle you can wear in many different occasions! But did you know this hairstyle is also great for covering up the fact that your ends desperately need a chop? Awesome, isn’t it? Check out this video tutorial to learn the easy, yet very effective wand wiggling technique that will help you curl the ends perfectly!


Quick and Classy Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Well, here’s one awesome, easy to do hairstyle you can try either to get one more good hair day out of your old twist out, wash and go style or simply to hide split ends or even dry ends! I think it looks great and I’d suggest you give it a go even if you have straight or fine hair – it’s probably going to require some hair spray or teasing but the result will be just as great!


Faux Dreadlocks

This gorgeous gal has some of the best hair styling tips and ideas on YouTube and, today, I’ve chosen one very interesting, totally cool style you might want to rock when you need to hide the fact that your ends need a trim! The trick here is to texture the hair using a good styling paste so once you twist and apply it, dry ends won’t show as much and will kind of blend into the whole look.


Stylish Braid for Long Hair

In case you have long hair and want to show it off despite your dry ends, definitely give this hairstyle a shot! It’s a very romantic, very interesting and stylish way to wear your gorgeous length and it focuses on the central part of your hair rather than those problematic ends allowing you to avoid looking cheap with all those dry flyaways and splits!


Braided up do

Speaking about braids, chignons and big hair – here’s another perfect hairstyle that actually combines all three of these giving you a chance to wear braids, chignon and teased voluminous crown all in one! The tutorial is on a different language which is a bit of a downside but hey, it’s actually quite nice, slow and even has a translation so I’m sure you’ll have no problem following the instructions and making this lovely hairstyle that doesn’t only look super glamorous but hides split ends as well!

How do you manage to hide your split ends and is there a hairstyle on this list that you really and desperately want to try right now? Well go ahead because there is no rule that says you can enjoy them only when you have dry ends that need to be tucked in!

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