7 of My Favorite Video Tutorials for Diverse Hairstyles ...

I am eternally grateful for the creation of YouTube; having access to amazing tutorials for diverse hairstyles has helped save me from bad hair days! I've always seen myself as a bit of a visual learner. It's easier to check for progress if you have the video in front of you as opposed to reading directions without any images of the results. With these simple tutorials for diverse hairstyles, your wallet will be thanking you later for not having to run to the nearest (and expensive) beauty salon!

1. Pump It up Pin up- Natural Hair Tutorial

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I love how attainable this retro-inspired look is, making this video one of my favorite tutorials for diverse hairstyles. Natural Resources Salon is a great source to turn to for incredible ways to style thicker hair. I love that there is a YouTube channel catered to black women! All of the tutorials featured on this site are incredibly diverse. The best part is that each one can be easily achieved with little need for outside products.

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