7 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Hair This Season ...


How To Wear Your Hair is a common dilemma that we all face every now and again.

Like clothing, hair trends come and go with the seasons.

Some hair styles are fleeting while others enjoy a longer time in the spotlight.2

If you want to predict the hottest ways on how to wear your hair this season, look to the latest runway looks.

Take a cue from the runways and emulate your favourite designer hair style.2

Below are just a few stylish tips on how to wear your hair this season.

1. The Soft up-do

The Soft up-do

This hair style is great for complementing a feminine outfit.

It’s a bit of a more elegant take on the messy up-do.

Twist back sections of your hair in different directions and secure them into place with bobby pins.

To encourage natural movement, which is what this look is all about, apply a texturiser to damp hair before blow drying.

Leave plenty of flyaways to create a relaxed, soft silhouette.

Slicked to the Side
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