20 Best Celebrity Hairstyles of 2012 ...


The list of best celebrity hairstyles 2012 runs pretty long, my ladies, as there are so many fantastic 2012 celebrity hair trends to write about, so many gorgeous up do’s to mention and so many fantastic ladies to high-five for their choices.2

The good news is that there are plenty of gorgeous styles to go around, an even better one is that choosing only one best celebrity hairstyle in 2012 will be a mission impossible, so keep reading for a fresh, detailed report on this year’s most favored looks:

1. Blake Lively’s Romantic Braids

Blake Lively’s Romantic Braids

Gossip Girl star can definitely work a lot of gorgeous, trendy looks but it’s the season’s popular braids that got all fans, stylists and critics gasping in awe!

Her long blonde locks pulled up in two messy side braids, a few wispies here and there and an elegant chignon to complete this stunning BAFTA look – her stylist deserves a big round of applause for managing to hook Blake up with one of the best celebrity hairstyles 2012 despite the fact that it was only 2011!

2. Scarlett Johansson’s Milk Maid up do

Scarlett Johansson’s Milk Maid up do

This gorgeous gal hopped on a plane to London this April to promote Avengers and ended up helping a re-launch of an interesting trend – milk maid braid!

Now, I don’t know if she has her natural beauty or her stylist to thank for managing to make this style go from romantic slash boho to totally chic but she certainly did set the bar pretty high, adding yet another cool summer look to our lists of 2012 celebrity hair trends to consider.

3. Cameron Diaz’s Short Waves

Cameron Diaz’s Short Waves

Hollywood’s favorite girl next door has made the popular slogan “Just Do It” her personal mantra and allowed herself to welcome 2012 sporting the shortest beachy waves ever!

A radical change can be a good thing, the stylist agree and some would even say her light, jaw line-length waves could easily be the best celebrity hairstyle in 2012!

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