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7 Amazing Hair Colors to Try in 2014 without Thinking Twice ...

By Madison

There are many wonderful hair colors to try in 2014. With a few exceptions, hair color trends for 2014 are all about experimenting with natural shades. Trends like highlights and ombre hair are going away and solid shades are taking over. So if you are looking to reinvent yourself through your hair, why not consider one of these amazing hair colors to try in 2014.

1 Platinum Blonde

Platinum BlondeKyle White from Oscar Blandi Salon is predicting that platinum blonde will be one of the hottest hair colors to try in 2014. “Judging by client requests and everything I've seen on the red carpet and runways, the 'it' color of 2014 is going to be platinum with a capital blonde.” [] Platinum blonde for 2014 is best worn as one solid shade and not accompanied with any highlights. Are you glad to see platinum blonde coming back in style?

2 Radiant Orchid

Radiant OrchidPantone declared ‘Radiant Orchid’ the color of 2014, so it’s no surprise that this will become a sought after hair color. Celebrities such as Katy Perry have already worn this shade in 2013 and I predict other celebrities will jump on the bandwagon this year. Would you wear this bold color?


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3 Rose Gold

Rose GoldRose gold became popular in 2013 and I don’t see it losing its appeal in 2014. This mix between blonde, brown, pink, and gold is soft with subtle drama. Rose gold is the perfect color to sport in the spring and summer of 2014.

4 Silver/Grey

Silver/GreyThe trend of silver/grey hair is another from 2013 carrying through into 2014. What’s great about this color is that you can wear it many different ways. Your silver hair can pull in blonde, blue, grey, lilac, or even gold. It’s this versatility that makes silver/grey hair one of the best colors for 2014.

5 Auburn

AuburnAuburn is another popular choice for 2014. This color is a great hue to wear in the fall and winter. While auburn is traditionally a blend of red and brown, if you’re feeling extra daring this year, you can even add a purple tint to your auburn hair. While in the past bright red hair colors have been in style, 2014 is all about a softer, more natural red.

6 Gold

GoldGold is a great color for 2014. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez have long been adding pops of gold to their locks. The result is a fresh and dynamic hair color. Adding gold to your blonde or brunette hair is a simple way to make big changes to your hair in 2014.

7 Jet-Black

Jet-BlackIf you’re really feeling the drama in 2014, why not try a jet-black hair color? Many celebrities let out their darker sides in 2013 and I see the trend continuing in 2014. While sometimes jet-black hair has a blue hue to it, 2014 is all about solid colors. Darker shades like black are a great option for a winter hair color.

Changing your hair color is an easy and fun way to reinvent yourself in 2014. This year is all about natural looks with a twist! Since 2014 is just beginning, it's hard to know for sure which hair colors will be the most popular, but these are my best guesses. Will you be trying any of these hair colors this year?

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