7 Amazing Hair Colors to Try in 2014 without Thinking Twice ...

There are many wonderful hair colors to try in 2014. With a few exceptions, hair color trends for 2014 are all about experimenting with natural shades. Trends like highlights and ombre hair are going away and solid shades are taking over. So if you are looking to reinvent yourself through your hair, why not consider one of these amazing hair colors to try in 2014.

1. Platinum Blonde

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Kyle White from Oscar Blandi Salon is predicting that platinum blonde will be one of the hottest hair colors to try in 2014. β€œJudging by client requests and everything I've seen on the red carpet and runways, the 'it' color of 2014 is going to be platinum with a capital blonde.” [stylelist.com] Platinum blonde for 2014 is best worn as one solid shade and not accompanied with any highlights. Are you glad to see platinum blonde coming back in style?

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