9 Basic Techniques for Styling Natural Hair ...

Some of us naturalistas have fearless product love, curly/kinky hair flair and fabulous techniques for styling natural hair. It looks easy, like we have been tossing out these fabulous styles since birth. While that sounds great, it certainly is not true for all of us. Sometimes we need an extra dose of patience and a little help with the basics of natural hairstyling goodness – a refresher even. No matter if you are new to the game or are already well established in your routine, check out these nine basic techniques for styling natural hair. Happy kinky-curly reading!

1. Two-strand Twist

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The two-strand twist is one of the most well-known techniques for styling natural hair. It is also one of the easiest – you will love it. Separate your hair into as many sections as you like. Apply moisturizing curl cream in a downward motion beginning one half inch away from your scalp, smoothing down to the ends of your hair. Part each of those sections in two, twist together and roll the ends.

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